New Custom Multi-Purpose Saddles for Sale



Horse Trials aka. Equestrian Eventing consists of a single horse participating in a multi phase, often multi-day competition including each; Dressage, Cross-country, and Show jumping or Stadium Jumping.

This multi discipline event is a true test of both horse and rider, where training and determination are pushed to the limit.

Custom Made Saddles for Multi-Purpose Riding

Most of the top-level riders often have different saddles for each portion of the event. This can be burdensome on the budget for the not quite upper level rider. County has found an answer to this expensive challenge.

With an all-purpose saddle, the rider is able to maintain comfort, balance and freedom to run, all without sacrificing any quality in the style or craftsmanship. The Cantle has bee lowered slightly from the Dressage style saddle and the flaps are a bit longer than the Jumping style saddle. This gives the rider the best of both worlds.

County Multi-purpose Saddles are perfect for Eventing and all around general purpose riding.