New Custom Jumping Saddles for Sale




Show jumping has its roots tied to the England Enclosure Acts. Before the 18th century, there was little to no need for horses to jump.

This act from parliament, brought fences and boundaries to the dispersed common grounds of wealthy landowners and caused drastic changes to the way that Fox Hunting could take place.

This meant that fox hunters now had to make their horses jump the obstacles to continue the pursuit.

Custom Made Saddles for Jumping

Jumping Saddles promote a more forward riding position and shorter stirrups in order to place the rider in a position that does not interfere with the balance of a horse while it is clearing obstacles.

Deeper dressage saddle seats allow greater control of the horse on flat surfaces, but do not allow the horse and rider to jump obstacles with the ease and comfort of a more shallow, flatter saddle seat.

The Close contact design of jumping saddles, have a more forward flap, and the lower seat and cantle are less obstructive to the horse and rider. This allows for more freedom of movement whilst in the jumping position. The shorter stirrups allow the rider to shift more weight off of the horses back while jumping and landing.

The County Solution is an example of a jumping saddle, which has been specifically designed to help a horse recover its stride quicker after a jump, so that you can maintain consistent pace and accuracy throughout the course.

The Logic Girth for jumping saddles shares a unique characteristic with the logic girth for dressage saddles; the curvature is designed to maintain the correct saddle placement on a horses back. Saddle placement is imperative when jumping and eventing.

The Logic girth makes sure that the saddle doesn’t slip forward onto the shoulder blades of the horse, and it doesn’t allow for it to slip past the 18th thoracic vertebrae.

Jumping saddles with optimal fit often require nothing more than a basic saddle pad. We offer High Quality embroidered square pads here. Some horses might require something extra. For these horses we use Mattes pads with 4 pockets for optional corrective shims.