English Saddles

Saddle Sales LLC is proud to offer custom English Saddles made in England. We offer a quality selection of custom jumping, dressage, and multi-purpose saddles, providing optimal fit and comfort for both horse and rider.

Custom Fit Dressage Saddles


County Perfection

Dressage English Saddle - Perfection

County Fusion

Dressage English Saddle - Fusion


County Competitor

Dressage English Saddle - Competitor

County Connection

Dressage English Saddle - Connection


Custom Fit Jumping Saddles


County Solution


County Sensation

County Sensation

County Innovation

Jumping English Saddle - Innovation

County Stabilizer

Jumping English Saddle - Stabilizer

County Stabilizer XTR

Jumping English Saddle - Stabilizer XTR

County Conquest

Jumping English Saddle - Conquest

Custom Fit Multi-Purpose Saddles

County Eventer

Multi-Purpose English Saddle - Eventer

County Drespri

Multi-Purpose English Saddle - Drespri

County Icelandic

Multi-Purpose English Saddle - Icelandic


The Best Custom Saddles

In today’s world, the trend towards using less expensive materials such as plastic trees and foam rubber panels in saddle construction is quite common.

County Saddlery continues to use traditional methods, painstakingly crafting handmade, laminated beechwood trees.

Only the world’s finest leather is chosen to cover these saddles, with pure wool flocking for optimal fit and comfort for both the horse and rider.

By fabricating their own saddle trees, County sets the standard for innovation and design in the industry.

This expert craftsmanship is an integral part of County’s manufacturing process, taking more time to get a custom made saddle for you. Once you sit in it though, you will feel that the results are clearly worth it.

Numerous top riders in the world ride in County’s handcrafted custom saddles and their commitment to quality and detail is reflected in every saddle they make, including the one they make for you.